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hi to all at present just started building up my 60 series cruiser for camping and 4x4ing looking for sugestions got my duel battery pack and uhf and driving lights on now what eles will i need i 4x4 the otways often if ya want to meet up let me no

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G'day 60 series,

what sort of 4x4ing do ou want to do ?
how remote intothe bush do you want to go camping?



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Hi , welcome, as far as your 60 series , she is a formidable machine. Best Toyota ever made . I had only a 2" lift on mine and she went every where , had a PTO winch on her when I bought her , only ever used it to get some barstid out of the way because they were between me and where I wanted to be !

Can't go past good suspension and rubber .

Centaur is a 60's man, talk to him but for mine aside what I have mentioned , a dual battery system is good if you are not moving every day but are propping for a standing camp for a few days , I have an 80 watt solar panel to keep levels up in these situations .


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Hey mate we go out in otways every now and then taking my 351 60 series up in a couple weeks before i pull it apart if your interested in coming along with us.

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Hi another 60's man nice. i to have a sixty and i am in the otways every other weekend so you are more than welcome to come if you like.