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Well I have just spent a week up in Yeppoon and was searching the net looking for something to do and casm across your website while looking for 4x4 routes nearby.

I have just done two tracks today and plotted them on Google earth from my GPS but unfortunately cannot paste the screen dump into this thread, they were pretty easy tracks and the Pathy handled excelently, should be even better when I get the ARB lift done next week.

We are heading back down to Brissie tomorrow, with all the gear loaded up 2x windsurfers ( no wind the whole week:mad:) Mountain bike that came in handy:).

Can't wait to get out and about again - in a couple of weeks it should be warm enought o head oput to Straddie again ( Pets are allowed) we have a 18 month old beutifull staffie who just loves getting out as well:D

I have to say there were a couple of spots up here, way out in the bush that were a disgrace, whats up with people leaving such (plastic bags, tins, bottles, empty beer crates bait packets)a mess behind them. I wonder if they would enjoy going back to such a mess in the future possibly the don't care:confused:

Well take it easy, remember not to work to hard

Cheers tile next time



I remember camping on the beach at Yepoon (well, Emu Park), back in the days when you were allowed to just pitch a tent on the beach (over 30 years ago). Did a trip out to Great Keppel - bet that place has changed a bit.

welcome aboard!


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Lift kit added to Pathy(ARB)

Hey guys thanks for all the welcomes - really great

Well I got the lift done to the Pathy - I can seriously recomend to all - even the hevier one that I was a bit concerned about getting, is great with no major impact on the comfort of the drive or fuel consumption - did a trip to the Gold Coast and back today, it is doing 8,6L/100km on open road with the lift:D - what 4x4 can beat that?:rolleyes:

As soon as I figure out how to attach photos's will do so, the other forum I use it is a simple matter of copying and pasting :confused:- shouldnt be to difficult though.

Come on summer:D Cant wait to get out to the islands. no more bottoming out.