Hi there


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Hi all
I joined on to here to try and get some more info on places to get out and dirty.
I have done a fair bit of off roading and we get away a lot for one and two night camping trips.
We now have a two year old boy who we would love to take out a bit more. We did a great trip through the Abercrombie when he was 10 weeks old and he seemed to realy enjoy it.
SInce then we have mostly done short trips away or had 'Nan' look after the little guy for us.
We recently got married on Fraser island and spent a week there then 2 weeks driving back to Sydney.
I look forward to chatting with the people on here and getting out in the bush a bit more.


G'day Travntor, welcome aboard.
Keep an eye on the NSW trips section to go for day trips and weekends away etc.
Hope you enjoy the site.