Hi There - new to 4wd & ready to learn.


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Hi There - new to 4wd

HI there everyone,

Very informative website you have here.

Buying my father inlaws Prado on Saturday, had a few drives of it & love it.
2002 Prado RV TD with the sub tank and OEM Alloy bar.
Just put some Goodyear Silent Armour AT's on it & am busting to try it out.

Getting the UHF & MP3 player fitted on Monday... Cant believe it has a radio cassette in it from new..

Cant wait to hit a few tracks with the family, nothing real serious, or at least until I become one with the vehicle.

Now I just gotta find some mild tracks to have a crack on, before we head to Tasmania late June. Any Ideas.
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Welcome aboard CaptAndy it is a great site have fun when you lot get on them track slow and steady wins the race:)


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Welcome Andy, good to see another Prado on this site to give it to all the Patrol drivers, The Prado is a very capable vehicle and surprises alot of the old folk, you are going to have a ball in it.


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Thanks for the warm welcome guys... looking forward to getting out there in the Prado...

Reckon I got a bargain.. its only done 50k and barely off road.