Hi There; Another ACT Newbie


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My name is Mark also from Canberra. I'm new to your site but have been around 4WDing for to long to mention here. My past fleet include: '71 Shorty 40 Petrol which I converted from 3 speed to 4, '76 S3 Land Rover SWB with Holden 161 and Fairy Overdrive, 2 stroke Suzi, '81 Tabletop Suzi, '99 Forester, '00 3Ltr Patrol and yes I did have the hole in the piston experience at 178K km, but Nissan came to the party with a free re-build kit - Thanks again Nissan Aus!
Now I have just bought a new (Sept14) Hilux SR Manual. It goes like a dream but I'm paranoid about potential Common Rail problems.
I also still own a small fleet for use on a bush block in the mountains near Canberra, these are: '56 107inch Land Rover, looks rough but never misses a beat and regularly pulls the others out. '84 Sierra, '81 Hilux Petrol that was submerged in the Murrumbidgee for 3 years, recovered, changed fluids, used as a shooting buggy for years and sold to me for $300. I have made it into a fire truck for my block. She goes like a tractor, however the water tank on the back is 1300Lt making it extremely unwieldy when full... which I never do these days... once was enough. She is stable with about 600lt though. My youngest son has a '93 Rodeo Diesel - great beast.

So I spose you can see I've had a bit to do with getting away and getting bogged over the years!!

This is a good looking site.

See you round the Mountains some day!!



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i also joined today and i say welcome as a newbie.. I hope like me you find the pleasure you are looking for ..


Hey Mark, welcome earth. Hope you enjoy the forum. Check out the act earthlings thread


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