Hi Im New!

Hi my name is Wayne and my family and I enjoy going 4x4 driving. We are looking for a group near Redcliffe QLD to go 4x4 driving with, they also have to be family orientated as my 3 girls enjoy 4x4 driving and come along to all our 4x4 driving.:) we have done trips along Rainbow Beach and some bush driving but as we are new to the area we are unsure of where there are good tracks.


Welcome Wayne and family enjoy your stay and I'm sure there are members not far from you, CHEERS

i started a club thread last week, was going through to see which ones are close to you. i think this one is the closest

PO Box 279
Kallangur QLD 4503
Website: Welcome to Moreton Districts Off Road Club
Email: info@mdorc.org.au

not sure if its family orientated tho as im not a member, but from checking several clubs websites it seems most are family oriented these days. Not many guys can get away from their better halves/kids every weekend to go 4x4ing so its just easier to take them with them lol

BTW you moved to a great part of the world!:D


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hey welcome fordmaverik 1991 if ya go to the department of parks (in victoria its parks victoria ) they can give you maps of the area for 4x4ers and some will no of clubs in your area

feral fourbee

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welcome to you wanye and your family.
and have fun out there!!!!

ps tell the kids to watch out out for the drop bears......