Hi, has anyone been down Sunday Ck road (Jimna to Connondales) lately?

G'Day, Haven't been of road for a while and my eldest boy is now interested. Thinking of doing the Sunday Ck Rd from Jimna to Conondale's (QLD) and camping. Has anyone been down it lately for a track report? Cheers, Rob.


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Went out to Booloumba Creek day use area yesterday, was so packed (a lot of P platers) just turned around and headed elsewhere. Sorry not exactly where you were after but general location. Dirt roads seemed to be in good condition.
Ended up going on the Bellthorpe-Jimna road which was really nice. Side trip into Beacon Rd for the look-out. Day was wet after reasonable rain so there were some challenging sections but 'Yogi' (my stock 80 series) went fine. Worst wet clay hill took a few attempts but putting a wheel in the grass gave us enough traction to get there. Will have to do Sunday rd another day.


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We’ve used that road as a shortcut from cruiser park to the parents farm at Connondale a few times. That red clay got slippery in the winch challenge Ute in the wet!
Thanks Rob - for some reason I thought it was a more challenging track than that. Will still go check it out now I know it's open :)