Hi Guys


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Nice to meet you all.

My name is James, and I drive a red sierra softtop.
Met some 4x4earth crew south of melb this weekend near baw baw.
Had some good 4wding and really enjoyed it.


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it was great fun yesterday. how was the river crossing this morning a bit deep??:)
99 Troopy:)


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The river crossing was fine, about 6 inches higher than Saturday.

Dale and I went out and found our own track on the way home.
The one track took us about 1 hour to drive down, and 4 hours to get back up.
Drove all the way down a 1km of steep rutted slippery decline, found a swamp at the bottom with an track on the other side.
tentatively drove through the swamp, and found the track on the other side was severly overgrown (1km long). Once the track opened up a bit we found a nice muddy incline and tried to ascend it. After about 1km we found it was impassible (too many fallen trees) and had to back track.

Dale almost rolled his zook twice before, we had to start ascending the very steep rutted hill to get out. Once we were here we spent 4 hours (he almost rolled again) and I had to drag him all the way up the hill.

Was a pain in the ass, but also one of the best tracks ive seen.
The driving we did on Saturday with you guys was so simple, compared to this.

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Welcome to the forum James ... I'm guessing when you mentioned Dale in your last post you mean the Gbert? Good fella.:cool:


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Dale is my friend with the white sierra.
He and I tagged along with the forum guys. Dale is not on the forum as yet.

Was just an update for the other guys who were there on saturday.

Some nice rigs, and some nice cars, great bunch of blokes.
Great advertising for the forum