Hi from Romania!


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My name is Daniel, I live in Bucharest, Romania, my car is a Mazda BT50-2007 and I love travelling off-road in our beautiful mountains.
I`m glad to be here and get new friends with passion for outdoors. If you like, you are all invited to surf on our romanian 4x4 sites.


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Hi , great looking country, I spent most of my childhood in the North East of Victoria in our alpine region so am used to our mountains in winter but they are not as tall as yours.

Would be interested in looking at your sites you mentioned, can you recomend any sites in particular.

Welcome to the site, hope it gives you another perspective to enjoy !


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mate don't want to alarm you but your driving from the wrong side

hang on

my mrs drives from that side too

what's that white stuff everywhere ??


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Thank you all !:)
-The pictures were taken in january `09 and yes it was winter and freezing outside. Since the global warming the winters and the snow are quite short and rare, even in the mountain area.
-That road was to the Mt.Cozia, somewhere near Danube river and didn`t need any chains and my tyres were Wrangler MT, quite good I say. Chains are rarely used just high in the mountains where are snow-muddy roads. Most of the off-roaders use tyres like Symex or Swamper or Boogger.
-Yes, there are plenty of astonishing scenery in Romania not only in the mountains ! Maximum height of Romanian Carpathian mountains (M-tii Carpati) is 2550 m and they are full of ancient legends and great people.
- :):):) Yes, I know I`m driving on the "wrong" side but you`ll be surprised how many of us have cars like yours here ! :):):)
- Bushnut : May I post here links to romanian off-road sites?

Yet again thanks for welcoming me here !
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hey astral2000

just post the links in a post here bushnut or simmo will catch up with them

all the best