Hi from Newbie - Ford Explorer


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Hi everyone.

Used to do some 4wding 15 yrs ago.
Forgot most of it.
Starting again with ford explorer.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

loveacoffee !


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It's like riding a bike. you never really forget only sorry you haven't been doing it, welcome aboard and enjoy.


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You're here right? You've taken the first step to recovery(this could be taken a couple of ways). Welcome to the site and enjoy the knowledge shared.


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Welcome to 4x4 Earth. Plenty of good information on this site and friendly people happy to go out with you. Keep an eye on the meetings. There is one this weekend on the south side of Brisbane close to Ipswich

Big Rig

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Best recomendation you've already done. Joined our forum and get out and use your machine. Welcome to Earth.


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Welcome to the forum, you say you would like some advice........well here is some, just enjoy 4wding!

the organiser

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Hi there,
Welcome to 4x4 enjoy the journey that awaits you out there in this beautiful country. There is so much to see and do have fun drive safely