Hi from Melbourne! (a girl…)


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Hi everyone.
I often scout the forum for various info and have just signed up as a member. I am a girl with a beautiful Troopy that I'm in love with, but know very little about 4WDing... though am very determined to learn! After a recent trip in NT & hiring a 4WD to explore kakadu, I decided I need more of that in my life. I love being surrounded by nature and travelling to those unspoilt places, and I didn't want to be restricted by my car anymore. I will be setting up the troopy little by little but I'm looking forward to lots of weekend adventures and some big trips too.

marty e

G'day and welcome

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what Roger said!!!
BUT welcome anyway, and it IS a good site :)
after ya sort the feed from the chaff :D



Great to have you on board troopygirl.
Must say, excellent choice of vehicle to be exploring our country with.

Setting them up the way we want takes time and $$$ but its well worth the effort.
Hope it serves you well for many yrs to come, and yes you've signed up on the best 4wd forum in oz.:)

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G'day, welcome.
What year , motor, fuel, etc. is Troopy?

Thanks for the welcome guys.
The Troopy is 2008 model, V8 turbo diesel. After test driving a few of the older models, once I'd driven this engine I couldn't go back. It feels so good to drive I've been driving it around the city every day, which wasn't the plan! I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon with the cost of filling her up. Hopefully…
She already has a bull bar, winch, driving lights, dual batteries, front and rear diff locks. I'm planning on doing some training days soon to start getting some skills to make the most of these things!


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Haha the novelty of driving a vdj cruiser never wears off! That v8 is a beast, brings a smile every time you you put your foot down.
There is a number of us on here that drive 76 series wagon but I haven't seen to many people pop up with the 78 troopy!
You have one hell of a truck, it will treat you well for many years no doubt! Sounds like you're on the right track any way.
Welcome to the forum!


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Thanks Gavo, I know what you mean, I feel so happy driving this truck. I find myself peeking out the curtains just to look at her!


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Ahh yes. There's nothing quite like a throbing V8 under your back side. So the girls tell me anyway. What would I know though?

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TG Don't bother doing training days and paying for the privilege
Talk to the Melbourne Guru's on Earth and they'll guide U as to what U need
Join in on some Trips and learn with those guys as U go and U'll never go wrong
They have mega years experience and R very willing to pass on their knowledge

Just my opinion for what it's worth


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Hi guys,

I posted this in the toyota section as well but not sure how many people look there so I hope it's OK to put it in this thread.

I've been looking at the Kaymar twin carrier kit - rear bar and dual wheel carriers for my 2008 Troopy. Are there any cheaper, reliable options out there? (Looking at close to $4k from ARB).

Would appreciate any suggestions!



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This isn't much help. But on the 70 series, kaymar is the best looking bar by far. I've definitely seen other brands. Unsure of what :confused: but imo they looked average!


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Rear bar and wheel carrier

Gavo - I'm going to pretend I didn't hear you say that. Just for a while, until the denial wears off.


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G'day Jess and welcome.

There'll be other options out there but I don't think any are better. Depends on what you plan to do - a cheaper bar might let you down somewhere (usually where you are really relying on it) if it's lower quality.

You pay through the nose for the Kaymar but if you want guaranteed reliability that's as close as you're going to get.

Having said that there are other great makers out there - just don't base your choice on price - check quality and reputation.