Hi from another newbie


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Hi, just want to take the chance to say hello and introduce myself. I don't have a lot experience in 4WD but I work for a retailer of navigation and a lot of my customers are 4WD enthusiats so I felt it important to understand the technology and information available from the internet and in particular sites like this.

The great thing is people seem so happy to help others, these forums are a great idea, and I look forward to learning a lot but also I look forward to maybe sharing some information from a retail and brand side of things.

The brands I deal with are Navman, Tom Tom and Kenwood.


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G'day Ivvy welcome
I'm sure your knowledge in this area will be most appreciated


Another Sth Aus! G'day Ivvy13. Your right, there's lotsa good stuff in here and you'll be a good assest to have here. I have a Navman N40i and you may just be what I'm after to answer some tech talk for me. Enjoy and hope to see ya round sometime.