Hi from adelaide


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Hi, my name is hugo and i am from adelaide, wanting to start 4x4'ing and my mate recommended this site, look forward to contributing and seeing more of oz, the good way :)


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Welcome, If you have a look at the "Trips and Gatherings" section there is a part for South Australia, we are having a get together end of this month...it's all in that section.

Theres about 6+ people from Adelaide who are on here regularly.


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Hi Hugo. Welcome. Might see you 'out there' one day. Have fun browsing around here. Plenty to read and learn. Stay away from the jokes thread - its hard to get away from that one!

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Howdy Hugo,
There's a meetup this weekend. Check out the thread in the Trips & Gatherings South Aust. Come along and introduce yourself - it will be the first here in SA and your more than welcome.