hi from a newbie


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I am new to this forum, and joined to get some info about 4x4 tracks in SE Qld so I can enjoy my recent purchase - 06 VRX Pajero 3.2td. I am impressed so far by the mapping - looks great.


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hello everyone looks like a great site. hope to become a useful and active member i will be posting info about all the tracks in western victoria that i have done and will be doing.


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Hi justinmay and welcome. Keep an eye on the SEQ trips as there is one up the forests near Gympie later in the month


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thanks for the welcome

Hi everyone, thanks for the welcome. Going on first trip tomorrow up through back of Maroon Dam up through White Swamp to Killarney and back via the heads and Maroon. Cant wait. Used to live up that way, but haven't been back for years.


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Welcome to the forum – look forward to seeing what you contribute .
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