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Joined on today to garner some advice and pointers on gearing up my soon to be acquired Suzuki Jimny. Reading copious articles and reviews only gains so much insight into the Right Stuff(tm).

Warnin' to the veteran mud runners, a few questions on the way. I'm working on a couple of solid lists for gearin' the Suzuki from what I have researched, so look forward to advice and critique over the next few weeks. Preparing for a lengthy lap 'bout Australia.

I've taken a year out from six years of humanitarian work, through a Dev. Foundation my family runs, for getting "CeNTered" as the latest NT campaign puts it. Though I'll be gettin' a few other places prior to the great NT yet..

Now.. off to read all the FAQ's first ;)

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Welcome to the forum mate. Heaps of info on here for your build up. Be sure to take "progressive" photos and make updates on here on how you're going.


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Cheers all,

Well sorted a ticket, will be heading to the 4x4 in Brisbane this weekend, should be interesting.

I'll definitely put up some in progress photos as I get ready, not to worry there.

~ B.