Hi and thanks

Hi Folks
I've been lurking here for probably 18mths so just want to jump in and say thanks to all the regulars, I've been picking your brains without your knowing it and I really appreciate the advice!!! :)
Started in 80 with a 69 FJ40 (I don't think they were called that but similar) with a 5 litre Chev and crash box. Lots of work on that old beast before moving onto the first model Pajero, loved that car. Then soft roaders, you know HD, HR, HJ then 4wd softies.

Now back into more of the rough stuff with two young kids aboard (late starter - she who knows what's best for me changed both our minds!)

So, after much procrastination and disappointment with test driving a hilux (my missus called it a jalopy) I lurked my way about the forums and finally took the plunge and got a great deal on a new 2017 XLS Ranger dual cab. At the price we could have silver or silver, so red will have to wait for next time.
Man, has technology changed! I've spent most of my sleep time on the internet trying to make sense of all this stuff and thank god for forums.
Names like Swaggie, MacmanLuke, Rogerazz, Goldrush, Lincoln, Les PK Ranger, Muc the Truck, I feel like I know you all and I thank you for all your tips and humour.
Finally settled on an ARB Ascent canopy, sport liner, ARB Summit bbar, ARB bashplates, OME 3in 300kg lift, D697s in 32s, Provent catchcan, Fuel Manager secondary filter, Runva 11xp winch and a host of other goodies. Getting the XLS kept the price down (did I write that??) and I really do think it is the best car I've ever owned. Very happy. Had several trips in it now, quite a few off road, love it.

Anyway, a hearty thanks for the site and your tips. I'll pop in from time to time and start posting now.

Just don't point and laugh.
Thanks guys. Tongue in cheek about the hilux. Hard to knock back a Toyota, but geeze the Ford is comfy and nice to drive. Up in the Blue Mts cruising about at the moment, still impressed. Can't stress how much this site, and a few others, helped with choosing the vehicle and different mods. Honestly, all the gear available these days seems so good, it really just comes down to what you can afford. (and how old you are feeling bent over under the bonnet) I've been wondering how young guys manage to tinker with cars these days, but now I think a lot of them end up in old cruisers and patrols, adding gear themselves to play with the vehicles, mechanics and driving. Some great options now, with all the gear.
It took a while to sort it out and I can't help but think my old dad, who was a mechanic, is shaking his head somewhere and calling me a d...head. (again) but I am enjoying it, and surprisingly so is the woman who calls me her bit of fluff. Really enjoying it.


Hey Swaggie, I feel like I've been stalking you for months! Been reading lots of your posts, along with lots of others. Really helpful. Would love to buy you a beer one day!