Hi all.


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Hi All.

Your track database is awesome. So glad I came across it!

I like to go camping and do light to medium 4x4ing. I got my first 4x4 just over a year ago after I wrote off my motorbike and subsequently lost my company car.

It's an '06 TJ Wrangler (65th Anniversary), so I have the hard top and the soft top. It has a 2.5" lift, an ARB bar, and 32" Coopers. I do want to get some drawers for it and get rid of the rear seats, but right now the only other guy in our group with a 4x4 has gone away for a few years and with the size of the Wrangler it's made things difficult.

We can do a 2 nighter with 3 people if we use a trailer net over the roll bar to section off one of the rear seats for gear. I may have to sell the Wrangler and upgrade to something bigger so we can go more often (or not have to leave one of my friends out!).

Anyway, a lot of good information on here, =D