Hi all,

Billy Bob

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What a great site, I have had 4wds all my life but only just started using the internet to find tracks, how good is this site? I own a Nissan GU Patrol now as I have a 1 & half and a 3 year old plus the hand brake to cart around. Just doing the family 4x4 thing now no more 20 foot jumps, roll overs, head ons with trees and sliding down muddy hills backwards into rivers like in the Mavrick Days. But if you see me on the tracks doing the tip of driving we all love DONT TELL THE WIFE.

See you around.


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Hey Billy bob, mate i know the feeling of the old handbrake pulling you back...welcome to the site and let me know if you need a maverick partner and ill try and tag along!! By the way 4x4 world is fantastic for tracks, campsites and general information through forums...helped me heaps!