Hf antenna mount


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Hi all I am looking for a antenna mount for the rear door of my grand vitara kaymar make one that fits the 150 prado. But I am not that keen on spending that much on something I have to modify. If anyone has something that might work out please give me a yell.


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What type of HF antenna is it, I have a tapped whip mounted on the bullbar but the auto-tune type are a bit thick for there.


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It's actually just for my uhf at this point. I want it so it's on the rear and out of the way a little. Plus I might be able to get a bit more elevation also


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What about a bar mount, mounted up on your roof rack and just close the cable
in the corner of the rear door ?


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Yeah that's an option also but not quite as practical because I pull the racks off when I am not on a trip.


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Can you make a similar bracket that some people use on there fj cruisers?

Something like this. View attachment 48617

That is about the worst place you put a UHF antenna. Looks cool though.

I'd love to see the SWR on that.

Keep all of the radiating parts of the antenna above surrounding metal and glass ( which probably has metallic tint).

Why people don't put antennas where they are supposed to be is beyond me. They spend all that money buying a UHF and antenna then cripple it with a bad installation. It needs to be on the roof.
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It needs to be on the roof.
For best results, it is best mounted in the centre of your roof. But not everyone is willing to do that, but they are willing accept the loss that goes with it.

Take it easy fella or fella'ette, it's that that big of a deal to most of us. :cool: