Hey Guys & Gals


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Hey all,
My name's Dusty, just bought my first 4by a few months back, Pathfinder R50('99). i've only taken it out a handful of times but i'm quickly becoming addicted to everything 4x4. anyways, this seems like like a pretty cruisy site, look forward to chatting.

P.s. was looking to head up to Glasshouse mts & or Caboolture in a couple of weeks, i haven't been there before, was wondering if they're difficult tracks? i'm thinking they'd be nice n muddy by now.



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Muddy wouldnt be the word i would use we live up caboolture way have done a few tracks in the past in our old gq patrol which were relatively easy but have had a lot of water dumped on us in the past week still not game to try out the prado yet lol


Welcome to the site Dusty. I'm sure you'll find plenty if interesting people and places to go to here.