Hey Everyone......


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hi everyone....

new member here and would just like to say hi :D

this is my first 4WD but i have been out with others and there trucks.ive just bought a Nissan GQ Patrol with the following mods:

ARB Air Lockers F/R
RockHopper gears
dual batteries
6 inch lift
king springs
rancho 9 way shocks
1 inch coil spacer
2 inch body blocks
steel bull bar
Premier Winch 10,000 pound
35 inch Mickey Ts MTZ on 15x8 sunraysia rims
snorkel (soon)
diff plates (soon)

anyway thanks for letting me come aboard and hope to see you all on the tracks



ill have to wait till i get a post count of 5 to show some pics of our Vineyard outing.


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cheers Grumpy.....

had a great day out and will be back again to sus out some more trails we missed today.



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G'day mate and wecome. Sounds like a pretty tame truck that you got yourself there.

Big Rig

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Welcome aboard...... I'm sure you will meet some characters on here and you will definately have a ball..


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thanks for the replies everyone.

yeah have a blast. going out again today after a quick visit to my local 4wd store to grab some recovery gear.

felt a bit embarrassed yesterday without any gear...... well not for long,ill be stocked up for a new assault.

that list of tracks you guys here have are brilliant..... punch in a GPS long and lat and your cookin :D

cheers again



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yeah you might need some recovery gear make sure you take a toyota with you to recover the nissan:cool:

feral fourbee

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got all the gear, wouldnt need anything else by the look of things...
good stuff , take easy out there...
welcome aboard...
go the nissans.....