Hey All...


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G'day to all, and thanks to the people who have sent me a pm saying hi. I can't reply to pm's as a newbie has to have 5 posts first....... a bit sad.....

paul4nat, I'm currently in a 80. Had it for about 8 years...good machine. Recently sold the GU. I've had a couple of GU's, a GQ, navara, a few 40 series.....(a wrx, does that count as a 4wd...maybe not.. :) Had a few mods done. Now when I get time I'll do a bit of 4 wheelin, camping, and take a few trips with the camper trailer i'm trying to build. So this site should be very helpfull for places to see, visit and new 4 wheelin tracks.

Cheers for now.......... 4by... :)