Hema hx-1 vs Vms


looking to buy off road navigation but confused,

Hema is $550 and VMS touring from 4wd supa centre is $300 Any big difference in both of them?


I wouldn't use either. I use an old android tablet with Google Maps, Memory Map (with all the Hema maps and state topo maps) and ExploreOz loaded on an SD card. Overall much less than $300 and a lot more flexibility.


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I have an iPad mounted and run Hema and WikiCamps and google maps
The other advantage with an app based program is you can run it on multiple devices


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The biggest advantage of running something app based is that if the hardware craps out, you just re-download it to your new device. You're also not stuck with just running their program.

Using the proprietary hardware, if its out of warranty and stops working, then you pretty much have binning it and buying a new one as your only options.


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I have the Hema app on the phone $100.
picked up a $100 iTunes card when on a 20% off. So $80 for a full Hema nav setup.