Help with selecting a vehicle


Hi guys and gals,

A lot of people seem to have a lot of questions about buying a new 4WD. Would it be worthwhile creating a vehicle selector?

For each make and model, we put in detailed specs, such as engine size, petrol vs diesel, toughness, ease of modication, cost of repairs. Maybe a 'panel of experts' put in what they think of each type on a scale of 1 to 5 for each of the categories.

Then when someone is looking for a new vehicle they get asked a series of questions and each one is weighted depending on how important that is too them.

eg I wanted a stylish looking car, not for too much serious offroad, that was cheap to run and very comfortable < 40K - so I bought a Patriot.
Also needed a big, rugged, reliable 4WD to go offroad in and not get bogged and not get in a fight with Tina and not have to rely on the charity of passers by, so I bought a Patrol.

It took me a long time to weigh up all the options and all the pros and cons.

What do people think of that idea? Worthwhile, practical? Would need a way to get info in about less common vehicles, like the BT-50s and the Patriots of the world, otherwise everyone would buy Nissans and Toyotas :)


Pure Yobbo

Sounds like a great idea, also sounds like alot of work. Should we just be searching for one that is already out there and putting a link up??

I am assuming it will be a similar set up to the last few pages of 4x4 Action mag?

Pure Yobbo

Very true 4x4 most of it is already there, I was assuming James was planning on a totaly new section of the forum. The current directory is mainly for mods repairs and info on vechicles, maybe that could be linked into a car buyers guide - good point.



I guess a lot depends also on how in depth u intend to be. eg: body repairs, motor rebuilds ect would they be included, I think it's a good idea but not sure how many people really would use it as most already have selected a rig or at least have an idea of what they require.


sound good idea to me. It would be good to just look up models and problems, fuel economy, power,
4x4 ability.


Sounds like the beginning of a sh$# fight to me. Too many people are passionate about certain makes of vehicle for us to rate them without upsetting people. Maybe just a listing of specs for the various vehicles as a closed thread so that there is no complaints or irrelevant stuff posted on the thread.

Just my opinion.


Hey guys,

Yeah there is a lot of information but I am thinking of info for people buying a 4WD for the first time.

Maybe link to info on topics like which is best diesel or petrol/gas, LWB vs SWB, new vs Second hand. The 4x4 mag has a lot of details laid out there, but I was thinking something that asked a series of questions like

What % of off road will you do?
How far will you travel in it?
Are running costs important?
What sort of 4 WDing are you going to do?
How much do you want to spend?

From that the program could work out some suggestions.

Thin king of having a database that is open to a group of members, that
a) have a good experience level of 4WD.
b) know something about a range of vehicles
c) are capable of having a conversation that doesn't degenerate into 'anyone who doesn't drive a 'insert random vehicle type here' is an idiot.

I am sure there are at least a couple of people who fit those criteria (maybe) :)



Sounds like the beginning of a sh$# fight to me...

I'll say!

Buying a 4bie, your first or your 50th, should be about what you want and what you've learned.

The idea of a selector is Awesome. That is a G-O, but understand all. In stock form a car is one thing. Anything changed (suspension, motor even tyres) it's another.

I always say, buy your things with the end in mind. One day I'll have that V8 in my buggy..... one day. :rolleyes: