Help - Track File Upload - Garmin


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Hi. A newbie to this forum, but what I have seen it's great. I have a Garmin 60CSx GSP.
Trying to do the right thing, but unable to upload a track file of the Barrington Tops/Gummi area. Edited the track and saved it as .gdb file. Followed the bouncing ball on the track page. Got to the upload track page, selected Garmin mapsource – gdb. Located the track file in my Garmin folder (C:\Garmin\Barrington Tops & Gummi Camp Ground.gdb) and selected it. Hit upload file and came up with the following error message.:confused:
Some error occurred. Please try again (Error: gdb: Cannot open file '/home/ftp4x4/public_html//tracks/Barrington-Tops-')

Can anybody help with the upload??