Help - Rust work on my Troopcarrier


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Looking for opinions on what to do about the rust on my Troopcarrier.

There is spot rust on the chassis. This is not a huge problem yet. I am thinking ill just coat the underside in one of those rust converters which acts as an overcoat as well. Failing that then POR-15 after some Rust conversion.

Chassis Spot Rust.png
The body pannel rust is a little more severe...

IMG_0505.JPG Rust under windscreen.png

As you can see its a bit further along.



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clean it up and treat with the rust converter/primer, then fill with fibreglass resin. sand and paint, its good for 10 years

Les PK Ranger

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Rust never sleeps they say.
The surface rust isn’t really a problem, most 4wds have this if used as they generally are.

The body rust, well doing it right is very cost / time inhibitive, you can do it with a good grind / sand, knock it in, fibreglass reinforced filler, sand just under flat, light coat of regular body filler, then the paint preps, rust proofing with tectyl / fish oil mix before getting it wet, then a good 2 pack paint.

Lots of labour but you might enjoy the process and satisfaction from doing a bit of a tidy up.


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Can get very expensive and time consuming , I recently had the same dilemma with a 60 series , after weighing it up I sold it .