Help required with headlight loom


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Gday guys,
I have had annoying problems with the headlights on my hj61 Landcruiser since I bought it, so have decided to make my own loom... being Negatively switched, it is beyond my limited knowledge, and after spending the last few days searching on Google, I am now more confused than ever!!! Here are a couple of pics of what I have made up so far, and my thoughts - apart from how to switch it, as this is where I need help!!


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Oops - posted by mistake...

Now, I am only doing the outer high/low lights for the moment, as the inners are already on hid's. (But I will rewire these once I have the loom operating correctly)

For the switching I was wondering if the following would work:
For the low beam - wire a male into the factory headlight common connector - going into 85 on the low beam relay, and a male into the factory low beam connector - going into the low beam 86 pin?
I would do the same for high beam except using the high on the factory connector... would this work, or am I totally lost???
Thanks for any help!!


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Yep, hook the common to both relays(85)
The low and high wires from the origional plug can then be used for trigering the appropriate relay(86).
Not my diagram, I made one of these headlight looms for my 80# and works well !!


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Well, so far I have a 100% failure rate... couldn't even get the low beam to work on the loom I made... I tried a few different wiring combinations, but nothing worked.. it is now back to original wiring with a normally operating low beam, with a dull glow coming from the outer h4's when hi beam is selected (but the light bar and HID inners work well)...

For the moment I have given up!