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hi guys,
i have a 1990 dc 4x4 petrol hilux, with 2" lift,snorkel, extractors, long range fuel tank, all new Old man emu suspension, steel bullbar, uhf, sunraysias.......

my first question is , what/why is there a tapping i first thought the tappets, but the noise is louder down near the gearbox??????????

was wanting to know if anyone has one of these vehicles if so , how did it go on long trips.

any advice on preparation or neccesary mods ill need would be greatly appreciated!!

what is the general consensus/opinion of these fourby's?

this site has been a big help to me so far , so i look forward to hearing back from you guys



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Welcome aboard enjoy your stay, do u know a good mechanic who can check it out for u, I probably would do it as soon as u can.