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I'm pulling together a magazine piece - 4x4 insurance - what to ask before you sign.
I've read much on 4x4earth about excess, water crossings, depreciation, different companies and recommendations.
My brief IS NOT about comparison between policies, premiums or companies.
IT IS about what to consider, or what's vital to ensure you've got covered.
I'd appreciate specific questions members think a MUST ASK before you sign, or wished they'd asked when they got caught out and were not covered.


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Does the insurance cover the cost to retrieve my vehicle and trailer when they are damaged and immobilised in the middle of the canning stock route. Does it include transport to my preferred repairer in Melbourne and does it cover the cost for me and my family to make alternative transport arragements.


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Is the "loan replacement" vehicle a adequate replacemet.
I broke my L/C, full insureance cover.. i was completely packed on my way for my long Christmas break. My "loan" replacement vehicle was a getz... anyone tried to put a 80 engel in the back of a getz.....


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  1. What is your definition of a Gazetted Road? - Apparently, no one knows, not even the government and this is a major clause in 4wd insurance. The common answer is "if it's on a map as a road then you are covered"
    1. Which map?
    2. What about a track on a map?
    3. What about roads and tracks on private land eg a PAR in South Australia?
  2. Do I get a choice of repairer? And if so will you still guarantee the repairs for life?
  3. If I have an exotic 4wd vehicle, will you repair using the manufacturer's recommended procedures, parts and equipment?
  4. Will you fund and allow the use of genuine parts - in warranty and out of warranty?
  5. How is a water crossing defined. Is a gazetted track across a river ok? At what depth is it not ok?
  6. If my 4wd is written off, what accessories can I salvage and are mine?
I am sure there are lots of others.