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HELP PLEASE... I can’t believe how much of an idiot I am.... I have just done the egr clean on my mn triton except I used oven cleaner... and it worked really well... but I got a little carried away in the moment and after removing and doing the intake manifold I proceeded to fill my engine ports with oven cleaner as well and it didn’t even click until I was hosing out my bloody engine and the ports filled with water .... I am such an idiot.... please can anyone with turbo diesel knowledge point me in the right direction ... ANYONE... this is my first 4x4... my first diesel... my first turbo ... and I have owned it for less than 6 months... I am literally sick to my stomach .... at this point in time i have not touched a thing... it is still full of water and oven cleaner... .... my only guess for the next step with my limited knowledge is to drain the oil but I’m sure it can’t be that easy.... please... I need any help I can get


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Remove your glow plugs. Manually wind it over a few times to expel most of the water in the cylinders before using the starter to spin it faster. I would only hit the key momentarily a few times before giving it ramming speed.

Or, you could turn it upside down and tip the water out?:cool:


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I'm not sure what you can do, but I would drain the oil/water IMMEDIATELY, leave the manifold off (for a day or two) and hope that the crap inside will evaporate as much as possible, meanwhile refill with new oil and turn the motor by hand for a bit then empty that also ( TO HELP FLUSH OUT ANY EXCESS CRAP STILL IN THERE ) - after that I would re-fill with new oil again put it all back together get some kind of additive (like the stuff you put in your fuel tank to evaporate water- BUT FOR YOUR ENGINE - any auto parts place should be able to tell you which additive to use) Then fire it up, let the new oil run through the motor for a couple of minutes, turn it off and drain it immediately, then refill again and pray like hell you got it all out, MIGHT COST A FEW $$$ IN OIL -BUT STILL CHEAPER THAN A REBUILD...........good luck....let us know how it turns out....By the way, don't forget to change your oil filter each time,


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Thank you so much for the replies ladies and gentlemen...... I pulled the plugs and turned it over by hand a couple of times and it shot out a heap of water..... I’ve got a drum of methanol laying around so I dropped some of that in each port for the night .... I’ll get up turn it a couple more times by hand and then put the battery back in and see how it goes....


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I was running a trip last year and told everyone in no uncertain terms NOT to drive into a bog hole we passed on the track, of coarse there is one who loves the challenge and drove straight into it. Funnily enough he got just into it and stopped, I did warn them....
Anyway his engine also stopped:eek:
We pulled it out backwards and then found an air box and intake full of water, oh no, removed turbo, also full of water, ah crap.
We removed all glow plugs and turned it over, the water in the engine poured out with high pressure spurts , we continued to crank it over until no water was coming out, tripped the turbo upside down and drained all the water out.
So far so good so we re assembled all the parts, crossed our fingers and turned it over, it stated and shot a heap of water and smoke out the exhaust for a few seconds then settled down and ran fine.
He wanted to continue the trip, me being me refused and escorted him back to the closest road then sent him on his way, he made it home with so far no ill effect from his baptism to Toolangi bog holes.
Pull the glow plugs turn it over for a few minutes, hit it with a heat gun to evaporate any remnants, start it and cross your fingers.
Oil should be OK because if it has got down into the sump it means there is some major wear issues with the engine and its knackered anyway.
All this advise is from a non mechanic with little diesel knowledge so take it or leave it

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I would suggest if you're intent on drowning your truck that you invest in a snorkel!!

Not for the engine but for you and your passengers!!
Flippers and goggles are optional!!