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Hello all.

I have recently bought a new Vitara diesel and I'd like to get it out a bit. I'm presently living in Kingaroy in QLD, but in a few weeks I'll be back in the Barossa in SA.

No mods to the car as yet, but I have approval (from the better half) for at least a lift kit which is good.


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Welcome to 4x4 Earth. Some nice track in the forestry around Kingaroy. Beautiful country side too. Enjoy


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G'day from SA and welcome. See you've seen the light and returning to good ol SA

Welcome to 4x4 Earth fellow Barossa dweller

Not quite. Give it two weeks and I'll be back in Gods real country!

Going to come back via NSW, ACT and possibly Victoria. Taking about 6 days towing a 'van. Should be fun with a 4 year old and a 18 month old. I have invested in a dvd player thingy for the car.