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hello guys n gals
my name is ben and i have just signrd on
so i thought i should introduce myself
MY current weapon is a 1999 model 105 series landcruiser
The big girl has a 4"suspension lift with tough dog adjustables and an in cab adjustment kit. IT has front and rear arb diff locks, a modified alloy front bar to suit a xp9500 winch in a custom cradle. IT is a 1hz diesel with a dts turbo kit and 3" custom exhaust, it has an adjustable boost controller set at 12 psi, it also has a pyro guage just after the turbo.
Moving inside it has had the standard seats removed and a set of gxl seats fitted. between the seats is a huge custom made centre console. next is a custom roof console housing a uhf radio.
IN the rear is a custom set of rear drawers and a cut down cargo barrier . out the back is a custom rear bar with twin kaymar arms for spare tyres.
UNfortunately i cant claim responsability for any of this as i bought it this way.
SINCE buying it i have fitted a set of alloy wheels with mickey thompson mtz,s at 315/75/16. i also fitted superior engineering draglink and tierods afterbending the standard units first time out. i also fitted a new stereo after driving the big girl home from sydney with no music at all.
JUST after we got this home she who must be obeyed just happened to drop into trackabout trailers and fell in love with a offroad deluxe camper with a heap of fruit on it so we had to have that .
so thats what i drive now . previous trucks have been a 80 series poverty pack that i pretty much beat to death out at the springs. a lovely old 60 series which i almost wish i still had , and my first 4x4 was a diesel hilux built up to travel until number 1 son arrived and ruined all my plans.
future list of mods are some lower diff gears to compensate for the 35,s and an intercooler to settle the egt,s when towing
THE wife and i have two children and we enjoy camping and wheeling. not really into the beach or mud holes , but pretty much anything else goes .
Anyway thats it for know . hope to get to know a few local people and get out n about soon bye for know


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gday nice intro and sounds like one tidy rig you have going there and I am a 60s fan :cool:


Welcome to Earth enjoy, sounds like a very capable rig you have and the right type of Badge too.


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G-day Ben fancy seeing you here, hows the big 105 going :D. Ben we'll have to catch up soon . This is a great site & some great info & a great bunch of people to get out & about with .

I can say guys this is one nice 105 series , have seen this rig in action & goes very well .

Cheers Artie :D


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Thanks guys
hey artie i had a feeling you were here.
it will be great to get out again. unfortunatly i am still laid up after my knee surgery:(:(
i think i have only used the front diff in anger twice since i smashed it up at glasshouse.
once i am up and about i will start something.
anyway cheers for know


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G'day Ben. Good to see another local over here. Sounds like a good rig. You'll have to come out with us soon and drag Andrew along. We need some recovery practise!!


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the wifes palace is a 2009 model trackabout 4x4 deluxe tourer
it has a fair bit of added fruit on it, and alloys matching the truck.
i have some photos somewhere of the cruiser and camper i shall try to find them and put em up here if i can.


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this was the day after pickin the trailer up


a couple of poser shots from glasshouse

and that is the result of too much right foot

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Nice trailer you've got there, and the tow truck isn't to bad either.....welcome aboard.