Hello to those who saw us today at the Victorian 4WD show!


Hi all of those who dropped by our stand at the Victorian 4WD Show today. Damn, it was hot, but it was great to talk to those who have used the site already and a lot of people new to the site.

For those that didn't get a chance to see the site in action, if you like the site there are a couple of things you can do.

1) Sign up. By signing up you get access to posting in the forums, a monthly email with all the 4x4earth news and you can access your track log.
2) Introduce yourself in the forums. Everyone here is really friendly and welcome of new members. It is a good way for people in a similar area to introduce themselves as well.
3) Have a try at uploading a couple of tracks. It is fairly easy.
4) Update your track log. If we have a couple of tracks you have done recently, put them in your track log, which is linked below the map of a track. If you include a brief note on the condition of the track, the weather at the time and anything of interested about the track, it builds on what others have already done. This means that everyone will have access to the most up to date information as possible.
5) Drive safe and have fun offroad, after all this is what the website is about.:)

So welcome, we hope you find something useful. If you have any feedback feel free either to contact us or to drop a line in the forums. The guys that are developing the website are very flexible and keen to work on the feedback we get.

Have fun!

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