Hello there

Hello fellow people. I am The Silent NINJA, crime fighter extraordinaire. My hobbies include fighting crime (obviously :rolleyes:) and stealing power from fellow campers. I drive a Lada Niva that was made in 1950. The only mod i have done is black out the windows because i can sense where to go!

Most of the time i get interrupted when i'm in the middle of something to go and fight crime. Like the other day whe.......


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Hot spa, A few coldies, a couple of glamours, reckon the Ninja will be allowed out passed 10pm???


We've got another ninja on here. He drives a Prado so there's no way he could compete with your 1950 Lada. Between you and me, he's a bit simple too.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Grey Ghost

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Looks like someone released the ginga ninja when they know he's not allowed out after sunset for his own safety!

Grey Ghost

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Thought I'd check out this guy's profile.... most interesting...
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