Hello here a new rookie on board

Tim Speelman

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Hello all,

I just moved to autralia and bought me self a nice land rover so
that i can joint the beutifull off roades.

But no experians so if you whant to give me tips

Pleas do

Thank you allready



Welcome to the site Tim. The best way to gain the experience you need is to join a club or failing that just go out with some other 4wd'ers who can teach you. Above all remember to have fun and if you have any doubts about a track, TURN AROUND. Next time I'm heading up your way for a run I'll give you a call.




Hi Tim,

There is a section for newbies, in the forum, so have a look in there for some good tips.

Noosa is a lovely part of the world, so you will get to explore some great areas.

When you are heading out you can post in the trips section and see if there is anyone is available to come out with you. It is a great idea to take someone with you in case you end up having too much fun :)

Have fun out there!



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Hi Tim,

Don't worry about the Landy, Goldrush will polish up his tow hooks, ( oops! that might rattle a few cages ) you Queensland guys ought out meet up somewhere, I know it is a bigger state than Victoria, but make a weekend of it !


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Welcome Tim.

Autralia ? Mmmmm sounds like a nice place.

Have you got the disco variety landy?

cheers Vossy


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Welcome Tim,
If you ever come down south, give roxinmyhead a yell, and well show you around Newcastle NSW.