Hello from the LV


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Hello all, been on a few other forums but find too much aggro in a lot of members. Been 4WD ing for quite a few years now, not into rockclimbing more touring and trips... see ya's out there Jessy


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welcome to 4x4 earth:)

u will find some rivalry between gayotas and nissans here:) sorta like holden/ford issue, it will be everywhere:)

have fun mate


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Hi Jesse,
I found the same and have found folk here a lot more helpful without the put downs for what might seem, to some, as a dumb question. Welcome to planet Earth.



Yes that's the way we all prefer it, so it could be a WARNING to anyone expecting to come here and cause a ruckus. It will not be tolerated, this is a Happy site so lets keep it that way.

Ekki Adventurers

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G'Day from SA and welcome, only carryon you'll find here is interstate rivalry. Of couse that's cause they really know that SA Rules. ;):D