Hello.. from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


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Hello everyone.. I'm new in 4wd driving, but i'm learning and enjoying it soo much.. So nice to see that lots of 4wd experts and enthusiasts here, really learn a lot in terms of technical and experience of others..

My name is Alfred.. currently an electrical engineering undergrad.. I currently own a 1991 L049 Mitsubishi Pajero, with standard stock 2.5TD.. However looking at all the mean machines in this forum makes me wanna own other models from the capabilities that i see.. Btw nice to meet everyone here.. :)


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Sorry about that.. Kota Kinabalu is a city located at the State of Sabah which is in the country of Malaysia.. Nice to meet you kruzaman.. :D


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heh that truck of yours will go a lot of places they are still fun to drive and well a scratch is not to big a problem ,enjoy. keep up the study and what you want might just happen :cool:


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Hi alfred, welcome

I'm originally from Sandakan and I go back every year for family reasons. Maybe we can meet up the next time i'm in KK