Hello from Chicago


Hi Liam. Key to Australian slang

Lesson No. 1.
G'day = Hullo
Mate = Friend
Cobber = Friend
Shelia = Female Friend
Bruce = Pommie mate whose name you've forgotten
Bruce = Yankee mate whose name you've forgotten
Root = Piece of firewood
Root = Sheila
Root = Friend of your Sheila
4by = Any vehicle with more than 1 gear stick
Off Road = Any place on Earth, including places underwater, including Atlantis
No Entry = Everyone allowed in with a 4by
Dry Weather Track Only = Accessible anytime, especially during The Wet
4WD Track Only = Somewhere for amateurs to practice off roading
The Wet = All seasons other than The Dry (Usually in Northern NSW and all of QLD)
The Dry = Expect only minimal rainfall (Usually all of SA and Kangaroo Island, and NT South of Katherine.)
Land Rover = First and best ever off road vehicle ever made (Not counting the Jeep (GP) which had crap seats)
Land Cruiser = Asian imitation of the Land Rover
Crap = Akin to Poo, only verbal.
Copper = Metal used in old coins.
Copper = Place where Granny used to wash her clothes
Copper = Used to make water pipes
Copper = Bloke with a speed camera, employed by the Gumment to lighten the load in your wallet.

Lesson No. 2.
If it's black with a red back, it can kill ya
If it's black with a red belly, it can kill ya
If it's black, swims fast and hums (Duh duh. Duh duh) It can kill ya
If it's black, wears a chain and lives in a scrap yard, it can kill ya
If it's grey, cuddly, lives in trees and eats Eucalyptus leaves, it can kill Yanks and other foreigners.

Anything else you don't understand about the way we tork :cool: Just ask
Cheers and Stay Safe


...oh, I forgot these too. :cool:


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