Hello Everyone


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Been lurking for a few months and decided to join up.

The wife and I are planning a trip half way round starting in Melbourne and heading towards Perth then up the west coast via the Kimberley then Darwin and home.
We are going to be away for three and a half months leaving late February.

I have a 2008 Prado and a Pioneer Argyle camper so have been checking on what people have done or are about to do and any ideas I can collect along the way.

I will admit I do sit back a bit on these forums as I have seen on other site it appears most people are dickheads and only want to belittle people so this site doesnt appear to be that way.

Thanks for reading and future comments.




Your right there, as far as this forum is concerned we try to help everyone enjoy their time here and get something out of it as well so feel free to be part of a great group of 4x4 people who just enjoy getting out there. Oh and by the way welcome aboard Peter.

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Gday and welcome.

Every bodies input is important at 4x4 Earth. So feel free to join in. And let us know how your trip goes. (lucky bugger) I want to hear all about it.


Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.


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Welcome Peter, Hope ur visits are full of information that tou need and will help you out. Make sure you keep us all posted olong your journey as it inspires others to follow suit.