Hello all


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Hello everybody. Found this site on another fourm.

For those who don't know me already, nice to meet you.

I've got a 93' 4Runner SR5 Limited. Not much to it really. Just a 2" lift, 31" Goodyear MT/R's, UHF and a few other little bits. The big thing that's happening to it right now is that it's getting a new engine put in after the last one went last October. Needless to say, it's been a major pain in the ass but it's almost done... I hope.



Hey Searsy,

Nice looking 4Runner. Are you happy with it? Diesel or petrol? I am thinking about getting a 4Runner for the more serious off road stuff I want to do but can't.

Welcome to 4x4Earth.



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Yeah it looks alright but looked much better when I first bought. I'm pretty happy with it though at the moment I'm not because of the engine dramas which is a story within itself but when I get it back I will be again. Was gonna get a Hilux but family needed to drive it and it's my daily driver so had to compromise a little. Not that's a bad thing. It's goes quite well off road and is comfortable. Few more mods and it will be excellent offroad.

I've got the 3.0 V6 which is alright but if were to buy another one, i'd go the diesel.


Take the big step James and get an 80 series landcruiser, their really cheap at the moment, fuel prices have scared a lot of people away from them, also I think people are getting rid of the larger vehicles to meet the rising mortgage prices and day to day costs. Then going bush is no problem at all. Cheers


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G'Day Searsy welcome aboard. I agree with Grumpy and so I should as I'm also a 80 series owner