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Gidday all, new to 4X4, and in the market for some info. Can anyone tell me what the Ford ranger is like from standard, I have drivrn it but not off road and for a diesel its got some go:D. Also looking for some tracks around Adelaide to go driving and camping with my son so any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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My old boss had a diesel Ranger. You can hardly tell they are a diesel with the way they perform + they don't have that diesel clatter.

Watch out for front mounted intercooler. I've read that they hang low and are eaisly damaged.

As with all 4WD's, add some lift and decent tyres and it will do most things you ask of it.



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Welcome denmakzxr. dont know much about the rangers but if it got 4wd then it should work, diesel would seem to work nice in 4x4 because of it having more power in lower gears. Have you checked the track list for places around Adelaide? should be some there



G'day denmakzxr. Welcome to these pages. I spose it would be prudent of me to give you a list of places to go around Adelaide but I tend to go away more often than not to places like the Flinders Ranges, the Grampians, the Coorong, Broken Hill etc etc etc. You can find places much nearer to Adelaide like Mt Crawford for some fairly easy 4wheelin and camping or Deep Creek National Park has 4wheelin, camping and fishing and there are other places a little further north on some private properties where you can go wheelin, camping etc as well but I think you need to book in prior. Hope this is of some help.