Heavy Duty Clutch

i have my Ute booked in for a outback extreme clutch from Australian Clutch Services
Love to hear any discussion on members who have put a heavy duty clutch in to help with added mods, towing and remapping


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Why would you need to remap for a clutch change? Surely a remap on it's own wouldn't require a hd clutch?
A hd clutch is a no brainer for towing.


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In cruiser a remap is the last straw normally for a stock clutch

Outback extreme clutches seem to get a decent reputation but normally you do get a slightly heavier pedal


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I got one of these put in our Pajero 15 months ago to replace the shagged DMF. I've been really happy with it. Read reports of low RPM vibration with the Exedy HDs. Not too heavy and hopefully lasts well.