Healesville/chum creek newbie run 3rd march

I'm definitely over dust,

As u know we had a LOT of rain
Also says rain on Saturday.....
Are these tracks you have in mind doable this wet?
I only ask because my limited experience has taught me an "easy" track can be very slippery.......


what time are you leaving? i was going to go to wombat as I need to be in ballarat by 4ish but am not overly keen on going out by myself if it's meant to be raining.

are you talking old chum creek road? i found a real steel one called rays track i think on the other side of the healsville-kinglake road 2 weekends ago. was easy enough in low range in the dry but would be very slippery in the wet


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Gday all, iv done rays track, its a little ripper, first time in the wet! Bit hairy but doable. All the tracks I intend on doing iv done in the middle of winter. So there just muddy no really steep hills or anything. Just mud rutts and a few hills of low difficulty. I want to leave around 10am not sure when finishing just when ever I either break something or get hungry.... Haha, na all tracks are close to town so you can head off when ever.


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Sorry update meeting location is now at old chum creek store on the corner of chum creek road and healesville yarra glen I will have uhf on chanle 1 for comunication.
It was a good day out, little slippery, less slippery than I'd expected.
We went down rays track and back up.......eventually.
Took me about 4 goes in total as I tried to do it a bit slow.
I really thought I was going to have to christen the winch.
Finally got over the big slippery speed hump 3rd go....
A good day to have a sniff around your backyard!

Thanks Chris for taking us for a spin (literally)
also thanks for dave coming too, and crossing it up in the ruts....
All good entertainment!

C u guys next time.
Yep was a good day out, thanks for chris showing us around, some good tracks out there and not to far to travel.

Cheers David.