Heading out for my first trip


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Hey guys,

I've read every single word of the advice for Newbies thread. Thanks very much for the time and helpful stuff everybody's written.

I'm heading up to Bloodwood Road in the Hawkesbury Region, NSW. It seems to go from unsealed road to some pretty tricky stuff.

I'm taking an experienced 4WDer who's leading and has a lot of the equipment. I'm going to grab a snatch strap, find some more batteries for the UHF radio and select the best of my spare wheels with me.

I in absolutely no way want to damage my new (85) rangie so will be taking it VERY easy. I popped offroad in the Conjola National Park. Looking at that that was clearly very easy stuff, but had a bit of fun going up on to the side and back down to point the Rangie up and down some 45 degree hills (albeit very small ones) I was amazed. Nothing I did phased the Rangie, or me.

My question is; when you're starting out (and bearing in mind I want to take it easy) am I more likely to f**k it up because I think my truck is better than it is, or because I think I'm better than I am? What are the obvious pitfalls I should look out for? I'm comforted by the fact I'm heading out with a bloke who's been offroading in Defenders for 20+ years, but also hesitant that he might not appreciate what a rank beginner I am. In addition, I'm lending my mate my other 85 Rangie, who, to date his entire 4WD experience consists of a rented Impreza for a week!

What advice can anybody give to us newbies as we set out, full of excitement and trepidation?


P.S. If anybody's keen, we'll be there from about 1000 - we'll be the convoy of 2 Rangies and 1, maybe 2 Defenders. Planning on using Channel 7 if it's free - say hello!


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Gidday Chris,you're right in thinking there's more chance of stuffing it up if you are constantly worried about damaging your Rangie.Common sense is the key and watch the lead drivers lines and learn.
Hope you have a great trip and enjoy the experience.
Cheers Peter.


Look listen and learn is about it, if however after reading what u have and think there is another or safer way of doing it don't be afraid to offer some advise to others.


Sounds like you are going about the right way, chances are that your vehicles limits are well beyond your current experience which is not a bad thing.
Going out with experienced drivers is a good idea whilst you learn the ropes as there is lots to learn plus I would expect they will help keep you safe also.
Most importantly have fun and enjoy your new toy.


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Common sense is a woderful thing!! (sometimes it's just not common) Don't let people talk you up something you don't want to do.

Otherwise, you'll be straightening steering arms and stuff. Not that I'de know??


As a beginner always remember that there is no shame in opting out of a track or situation you are not comfortable with. That's what reverse gear was made for. Use your own common sense and you should be right. And above all......HAVE FUN.


Common sense always prevails. Follow the simple rules of "Stop, getout & Look" then "Think, assess, decide & execute". Over all, I would look mostly at getting some training in from someone reputable.
Enjoy your experiences, play safe, look after the tracks and the environment.


Ditto to what everyone else has said already, but one thing you have done Chris, and that is travelling with experienced mates. That is the best way to learn, providing they are doing it sensibly, and no doubt they will be.



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gotta agree with the others Chris. I have made the mistake in the past of putting my ego in front of common sense and spent 30 mins tottering on two wheels whilst mates had to come back down a narrow track to recover me - and to make matters worse I had two kids in the car (and I am not a young bloke ;) ) suffice to say I have not made that mistake again :eek: :eek:. As others have said - stop, get out, have a look and if you don't feel comfortable then don't do it, that way you will have another day to enoy the vehicle. :)

I have posted in your trip post about where you are meeting to start the run. I have never heard of the road. I need to see what I have planned but will post up tomorrow if I can meet up with you guys. I haven't been out for a while so it would be good to put some work under the tyres.


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well he did extremely well for a novice.........

congrats Chris...... hope the clutch was ok on the drive home ;)