Head replacement


Hi guys, i have an 03 gu 3.0 ltr, the head gasket blew and stuffed the head. Im getting a new head and im wondering how hard is it to do myself or is it recomended to have it done professionaly. Just trying to save some money. Thanks guys.


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Personally, l'd be getting it fitted by a reputable workshop. If there's any problems
you atleast you (should) have some recourse.

Aaron Schubert

Unless you know someone who's a mechanic or who has done several well before, get a mechanic to do it, with some sort of warranty



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It depends on how much spanner spinning you have done.

Before biting off more than you can chew, its probably a good idea to do a bit of a self assessment as to what you think you can achieve, what tools you have available and who you can draw on for help if it doesn't go as smoothly as you'd hope.
For some jobs, by the time you get the specialist tools together, it would be cheaper to pay someone.

I've done a few head replacements, but I've cheated a bit and got a specialist to install new valve seats/guides and the valves themselves, so then it was pretty much ready to bolt on.
Since the Patrol uses shims, setting the valve gaps is a bit of dicking around so might be worth getting that done by someone.

A good workshop manual will probably step you through it, but pay close attention to the gaskets to ensure you don't block off oil or coolant journals by accident.
If you don't know what you are doing with a timing chain, then get help as being off a few teeth can ruin you new head.
Use an accurate torque wrench and pay attention to the values for the bolts. A lot of engines the bolts are torqued until they stretch a tiny bit and have to be replaced when you replace the head. Don't re-use them as you won't get the correct tension second time around.
Going nuts torquing everything can lead to stripped threads if a couple of the bolts go into aluminium alloy, rather than iron (guilty of that one :oops:).

I've paid allegedly reputable workshops to fix my gear, only to get ripped off (oil leaks, head failure due to corrosion and having to do the job again), so I do it all myself now. Level 2 expert (with the help of youtube:p)