Have you been vaccinated yet?


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I think the negative roll is the least of your problems - flash bulbs are likely classed as explosive materials these days!
Couple of bulbs on ebay in USA. There are some bulbs for sale on ebay just up the road however I have to contact him to see if they fit.


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No more timesheets or clocking on and off at work and your boss will know when you started work, when you were in the toilet and exactly what your productivity during the day was.
You will all laugh but this will eventually happen, if western society lasts long enough this will be the reality in 20-30 years, laugh now but those who are still kicking can remember back to different times


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Has anyone noticed that there is a massive silicon chip shortage, and a slow Covid Vaccine rollout.

That CAN NOT be a coincidence.

They're running out of chips to inject into people's arms.

I'm beginning to love this antivaxx stuff. You can just make up any bat shit theory and draw a correlation between completely unrelated things.
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Had my vaccine today... All I got was a lousy lollypop and 15 minutes sat in a quiet room where no idiots from work could contact me


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With so many of you guys getting the jab I am getting a bit nervous I might get sick from you , I don’t have any of the pine needle tea left from old mate “ who knows” so before checking in on the forum I fit my mask and surgical gloves before typing.
You can’t be too sure these days.


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I've had my 1st jab 3 weeks ago, I get my 2nd on Tuesday, so far so good. 1st jab absolutely no side effect.
I'm here nor there on if I should or should not but as the wife does voluntarily work at the hospital she requires 1, so we both got them. As I cross borders continuously for work if they do start bringing in more regulations and the jab being 1 of requirements (which I think will end up happening) I'm already covered.


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After I had my Covid vaccine today I went to the Pub.

I just got home. Everything is fuzzy, and I need to pee more than usual.

I fear the vaccine has affected my health. There can be no other explanation.


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I just got home from my vaccine, read 4x4 Earth and a lot of posts seem to be fantasy nutter bubble bullshit.

Oh, thank god, everything is normal - that's proof that there are no side effects of the vaccine.


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Got my AZ jab on Monday. Tuesday I felt stiff and sore. Tuesday night sweated like a pig overnight and woke up like I had a flu. Wednesday had Flu and sweated like a pig overnight. Thursday lunchtime right as rain. Someone I worked with had a similar thing. Maybe one day less. Unfortunately I am still paying for internet and power. It doesn't matter if the Govt knows where I am. They are all watching me all the time. I can see them and hear them. Sometimes I run and can't get away. They just appear, like there is no escape. They know what I'm thinking. It must be the chip inside my head.

Or maybe I'm just taking the piss after cracking my second bottle of red on a cold night watching the footy.