Has anyone used YOUCAMP ?


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I recently saw a thing promoting youcamp , its a web site where property owners open their properties up for a fee to campers . If your after a quiet week end camping away from the hordes and bogans it sounds like a good idea , has anyone on the site used it ? Interested to hear from the forum .


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I seem to recall looking at this before, just had another look and there are more onboard now. Will definitely be giving it a try soon.
To be honest I would not let people onto my property for the little bit of money they are getting out of it


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Yep been around for a while now.
I know a few people who have used it and had some epic camps you wouldn’t normally be able to access
I think it’s a great thing and plenty of farmers and landowners are getting on board
Thats what i was thinking Wang , be great to access areas the public don't get to .


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Think it is owned by Super Retail Group (SCA, BCF, Rebel etc).
Never used but mates have. One spent over $100 for a nights camp but said it was the most amazing spot all to themselves.


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My daughter and future SIL used it over Easter, they wanted to go away camping but picked up the hate of crowds from Liza and I , they did some searching and found an awesome property right on the Murry near Mildura , said it was fantastic and very happy to pay the small cost per person rather than put up with all the mupets you get on long weekends


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We used it over xmas/new years a couple of years ago. Great little spot by a creek that we could swim in but no other facilities. Bush camping. Would absolutely do it again.
Only down side is having to book rather than just rock up for a look and see if you like it.


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Often looked in there, can't remember how i found it, there is a nice spot i would like to go, but lots of them are too far or so up themselves, one on the coastal hinterland sounds like you need submit to a vehicular search to get in there heaven forbid you furt in the forest [no stars]!


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Yep, have used it, will use it again. Some magnificent private properties appearing on it every week

I wish there were more in WA, WA has a problem where our council bylaws and such make it very hard for private land owners to have camping guests (and caravan park enterprise owners bitch hard to protect their private businesses I am guessing, as they do around free / bush camping).
Used it a few times, and have booked a week after Christmas for one near Jindabyne. As others have said its great as you can get a place to yourselves but some of them you are crowded in with others, and a lot of them you get just a patch of grass, no facilities and have to leave no trace.