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Has anyone bought Titan ute drawers from supacentre?

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by ivan sutrisno, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. ivan sutrisno

    ivan sutrisno Member

    Should have asked here first before i bought it but guess still worth asking if anyone has bought titan ute drawers (with wings) from 4wd supercenter? I bought the 1300’mm one with wings. How is the build quality and is it easy to install like they claim? It looks good from their videos and pics. It says it fits most 4wd utes so i assume it would fit my 14 hilux as it is in the “most utes” category
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  2. RBJET

    RBJET Active Member

    They're fine mate, just a little heavy. You should be able to install them in an afternoon.
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  3. ivan sutrisno

    ivan sutrisno Member

    Thanks mate, much appreciate your feedback
  4. Mulga63

    Mulga63 Member

    I found mine great for quality, but before I installed them, I tipped them upside down & placed a drop of superglue on all of the threads.
    Given they would be subjected to a lot of vibrations from corrugated roads etc, I did not want any of the rollers coming loose & jamming the draws.
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  5. ivan sutrisno

    ivan sutrisno Member

    Thanks mate, did you tip the wing part or the drawer parts upside down? And what threads? Is it just around the edge so they stick on the ute floor?
  6. Gidgee

    Gidgee Member

    I'd suggest all threads should be glued/nail polish/loctite, if you think that's a pain now, it's far worse once installed. Man they are heavy though, careful handling the box.
  7. Mulga63

    Mulga63 Member

    I tipped the drawers upside down & placed glue on the threads (that act as the roller axles, that the draw slides on: all around the lock-nuts) as this will stop any potential lock nut coming loose
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  8. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    I looked at them but didnt end up going for them because they are crazy heavy, over 100kgs for a twin draw
  9. Mulga63

    Mulga63 Member

    As Gidgee said, they are heavy. I broke one of the handles when trying to move the drawers prior to fitting. I then replaced both drawer handles with another solid type I got from Bunnings
  10. ivan sutrisno

    ivan sutrisno Member

    seriously over 100 kg?? oh my gosh, have to get someone to help me install them
  11. RDM

    RDM Active Member

    I have had them for a few years now and am happy with them! The only issue is the latch for the fridge slide is shit so i have replaced that! I just made my own wings for mine!
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  12. ivan sutrisno

    ivan sutrisno Member

    Where did you get replacement for the latch?
  13. RDM

    RDM Active Member

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  14. cradokaone

    cradokaone Member

    I have had 4WD Supercentre drawers drawers fitted to Landcruiser 100 series for a couple of years, still tight.
    They do drag across the sealing rubber on the tailgate, it's a matter of keeping the latch open when pulling drawers open.
    They do require a good slam home to lock! The latch on the fridge slide is a bit dodgy.
    However a neighbor who has a set in a double cab Dmax has just about ruined his. They are slowly falling apart, for what reason, can't say, but they're on there last legs and he is not a supporter..
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  15. ivan sutrisno

    ivan sutrisno Member

  16. mitschal02

    mitschal02 5th Annual Victorian Gathering member

  17. ivan sutrisno

    ivan sutrisno Member

    Hi guys, just got mine today. It looks ok, quite sturdy built but yes they use el cheapo handles and the wings that supposed to come together are actually on the back order.

    Can i put the drawer now and install the wings later? Or do you need the wings to make sure they sit evenly together?

    Someone has a hilux dual cab and has this drawer installed? Where is the best place to drill the holes to mount the drawer?

    Thanks for the latches info will get one from bunning or ebay as suggested
    Thanks again for the replies,
  18. ivan sutrisno

    ivan sutrisno Member

    yeah the handles dont look good.
  19. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    These guys must sell a few sets, when I drive past a lot of tradies utes here and there I try and have a quick looksee when there back doors/tailgates are open/down
    I notice the Titan badge a fair bit..
  20. ivan sutrisno

    ivan sutrisno Member

    apparantly they dont just sell a few, they sell lots of em. The drawers now on back order for August delivery. I got mine on back order as well but it was said late july, i got the drawer as promised but the wings are not included in the delivery. Gave them a quick call, the rep told me the wings will ship out late August. So yeah i think they re quite popular.
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