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Makes you wonder about his claims though. It's something I've heard about for years and it would be facinating to go and have a look for the famed reef.


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How often dose the power go off.And im running unleaded.Whats this about sume fuel called Opel?.I've head it supose to be an unleaded substitute .


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Opel is available through out the Centre now - Non Sniffing stuff.

We arrived at Warakurna one year (Giles is about 1 km up the Hill) & the Roadhouse told us all the power in the community was off & the pumps were out (Rare). The pumps BTW are locked up in cages.
Didn't worry us as we carry enough fuel to go all the way from Yalara to Laverton, about 1100 to 1300 kms.

Just avoid weekends though as there may not be any fuel.

If the "Locals" are broken down or have flat tyres - which is OFTEN!!! - Stop for them, we always do - there all good people, but they tend to be missing unimportant things like Jacks - tyre levers - Wheel braces etc. Our patches are no good as they always use tubes not tubeless.
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