GVM Upgrade


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I'm new here an not sure if I am in the right spot.

Anyone know if its possible to do a GVM upgrade to a 2014 Single Cab Landcruiser 79 to 4200kg, most places will only show 3900kg and I have done a fair bit of ringing around, but no one can tell me definitively if its possible. Has anyone done this?
Won't help you much the same law apply's,sad really.I have had 6 79's in a row, and the same issue, that is, I carry a slide on camper that weighs 700kg, the 79 handles better than my Hilux, but, you still face the problem.


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Lovells Springs will do this:
  • CPA 25742: Toyota Landcruiser LC79 Cab Chassis Single Cab 5 Star ANCAP to 4200kg. (Original GVM is 3400kg)
but needs to be a 2017 LC79 or newer, was just hoping there was some sort of solution for my current '14
I again say, 600kg is the max that can be LEGALLY obtained, anything above that gets you into a world of hurt real quick, check the ale weight allowances front and rear, make sure your insurer will in fact unsure.


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If you forget the legal side for a minute, you can install springs to support any weight you want but the axle housings are still standard. If you crack one or even break it in half, you certainly won't be the first to do it.

If you do get an upgrade then keep the speed down on rough roads. The forces going up through the axles, wheel bearings, wheels and chassis increase by the square of the speed. If you go through things like washouts, dips or holes at cattle grids then do it slowly.


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I think you will find than 3900kg is your axle limit and to get higher than that will require some big $$$$$ modifications
Personally I think if you need more than that you have chosen the wrong vehicle for the job.

The other aspect to this is that these certified weights are really for blacktop style conditions, you don’t want to be at the top end limits in off-road situations if you can avoid it


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Any of the State rego authority sites will assist, the easet way is to ring your Local ARB or TJM store, they will advise the local requirements.
Interesting NSW must be different, I just received my paper work from RMS (nsw motoring authority) approving my 660kg gvm upgrade. Maybe 660KG is max in NSW.